11/12 Boys (0 openings)
  2011 Real National   2013 Real National
  Athletico   Barzita
  Berthoud   Broomfield 2011
  Longmont Storm   Rapids FC

13/14 Boys (0 openings)
  Attack of the Pink Crocs   LCS Lions
  Resto Del Mundo   Toritos Fc
 Cobras  The Willies

9/10 Boys (0 openings)
  2013B Athletico   2014B National
  Barcelona   Manchester United
  The Longmont Banshees   Venavitos

HS Boys (0 openings)
  Beans and Rice   Berthoud High School
  BWA   Erie Bail Bonds FC
  Frederick   Longmont F.C
  Los del Gualmart   Trojans
  Winter Nationals  Niwot FC

HS Girls (0 openings)
  ABCD FC   Mead Girls
  Skyline  LFA Rush

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