11/12 Boys (0 openings)
 Barcita Fc  Cobras Longmont FC U12
 Invictus  Invictus 2010
 The Lions  Toritos FC

11/12 Girls (1 openings)
 Berthoud Bears  Northern Colorado Rush
 The Force  

13/14 Girls (0 openings)
 Broskies  Spicey Gingerbread United
 Stingers  The Blizzards
 The Broskies v2  The Express

9/10 Boys (1 openings)
 Broomfield 1  Cobras Longmont FC U10
 Extreme  Invictus
 The Force  

HS Boys (0 openings)
 Berthoud HS Boys  Longmont HS
 Lyons Tigers  Maverick Raptors
 Melong SilverSky  Niwot's Lads
 Random Kickers  The Spartans

HS Girls (0 openings)
 Aces FC  Falcons
 LFA Liga  LHS Girls Blue
 Mead Girls Black  Mead Girls Orange

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